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KF.ECM CAT 5e Outlet Module
(Red,yellow,blue,black white)

KF.ECM(Flat-gang) CAT 5e RJ45 Outlet Module

KF.ECM CAT 5e RJ45 Outlet Module is 8-wire outlet module designed according to international ISO/IEC 11810,TIA/EIA/EIA 568 SANDARD.The inner print-plate sturctures make the performance to be further more steady.It adots the anti-dust cover design,which can not only prevent the dust from entering the wiring tool effectively,but free of wiring toolsand make a more flexible utilzation.

KM.EBCM CAT 5E Shielded Outlet Module
KF.6CM 6E Outlet MOdule
KF.EM(Free)CAT 5E Tool-free Module
KF.DM Telephone Outlet Module(red,yellow,blue,black,white)

CAT 5E shielded outlet module and KF.EBCM shielded outlet module are 8-wrie outlet modules designed according to ISO/ICE 11801.When continuing,the dependability of shielding layer connection shall be assured.

6E Outlet Module : KF.6CM 6E outlet module if 8-wire outlet modules designed according to ISO/ ICE6 and TIA/EIA standards.It not only exceeds 6 performances & broad band's requirements in the standard,but also the systematic function requirement of giga.Its unique 15 IDC card connecting way makes the performance of contacting point more stable.

CAT 5E Tool-free Module : KF.EM(Free)tool-free module if designed according to the international ISO/IEC 11801 standard and adops the antidust cover design,which can prevent the dust from entering the wiring tool effectiv-ely and be utilized flexibly.

Telephone Outlet Module : KF.DM telephone outlet module if specially pruposed on 4 core wiring module for pronunciation communications.The inner print-plate structures make the trans-mittings performance to be further more steady.The reed is partly gold-plated and the wire path is 0.4mm-0.6mm.

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